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Thursday, February 26, 2015


If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. John 12:47

While doing my daily morning routine of driving my oldest to work, I had a small ephipany... of course it occurred because someone had come from the other side of me, swerved in front of me (nearly making me hit them) to get into the left lane and turn. I, in return, laid on my horn, probably a few more seconds than required and then began shaking my head... smh. As I did this, a question was posed to me. Why do you shake your head at people? Well as quickly as it was posed, I reasoned the answer. I need them to know the dissatisfaction I have with them, the frustration they bring my way when I am merely driving! And then it struck me, when we shake our heads, we are still judging. Think about it! When our kids do something dissatisfying OR a better way to say it, not pleasing to what WE feel should be done or said, we shake our heads. When someone walks by and has on something WE would not be buried in and don't think anyone else should wear either, we shake our heads. When something is not to our approval, we shake our heads. Whether it is furiously done to make sure the person sees it or in our minds or even slightly to hide the disgust, we shake our heads and we are judging.

To judge someone in the dictionary means to form an opinion or conclusion about the subject. It's a verb. It's something that we DO. Even those who are saying, right now, "I would never do that, I never judge", you just did. It's our nature when things aren't as we think they ought to be! We give a "side eye", shake our heads, make a grunting or breathy noise, or say/ do something to make it known that we are not pleased. But if we are genuinely seeking to be as Christ, we aren't supposed to. His words were (and still are) "... I do not judge them..." How powerful this word is! How halting it would be if we followed Him totally and surrendered! Think of those who come into His hospital that we call church wounded, scared, wondering who will judge them or hoping someone can so they can be justified in their sin... yet they would come in to love, acceptance of WHOSEVER they are, not who they claim to me or what they look like. Oh what a day of restoration and redemption and celebration that would be!

I recently saw a post on my Facebook timeline that got me to thinking... It read along the lines of "where is there a church in (city name) that accepts gays and lesbians..."  My flesh met me first with, "They don't need a church like that! Think of all the sin and backsliding that would happen!" And then God reminded me of how I was in a similar boat, needing a church that accepted couples who were living together adulterously. Ouch! How crushing to my ego was that! I had been one so filthy I with my sin that I joined everything I could just to get accepted and loved. But what I really wanted was for my church family to accept my sinful ways and not speak on it. Sadly... they did and I remained in that sin until I surrendered my life to Christ. 

But what if the church this person, myself and others are describing was the church they stepped into. Our churches... Ourselves. Each of us. Being the Church that JESUS spoke of and bringing that into the buildings/ homes we worship in every week. What if we took off our Daddy's robe and became the mediator, the ambassador that brings folks to CHRIST so that when God judges them, He will say the same thing He has said on your behalf... "Not guilty." What if...

Now with this, I want to make sure I am clear. I do not agree with the agenda or lifestyle of homosexuality, and that is my right as a free person. BUT I do love every single one of them and choose not to judge them. I also expect that the choice my to judge is to be returned by any who support the agenda. Why? Because the "do not judge" is not just a weapon aimed one way or to be altered to suit one group. It is and remains for ALL because He loves ALL! 

I pray you will all read, get offended, read again, find reasons that I'm wrong, read again and see that HE is right. 

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