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Friday, January 24, 2014

Transparent Reason

But the centurion paid more attention to the pilot and to the owner of the ship than to what Paul said. Acts 27:11

Have you ever had someone who seemingly had no children or degree try and tell you what to do with yours? What about how to do your job? What about someone giving directions that seem to make no sense at all? I told a story a while back about an encounter with my phones GPS that seemed to want me to be further lost but when I finally have into its constant ranting about  turning around, it took me straight where I needed to go. My dumbphone actually knew more than I did!

I get the sense this is what happened with the centurion. Look back a couple of verses and you will see that he admittedly knew Paul had favor. He may not have known just what that was or how Paul got it, but his job had become to protect Paul and see to his advancement because of it (v3). Now there came a time when they had to go on with their journey but Paul warned those in charge of what would happen. This is when things went south for the winter (pun intended). I mean come on! Who would turn to someone who had never set sail before but had merely been a passenger over the captain of the ship, no matter how unsaved, hardheaded and plain dumb that captain might have been? Wouldn't you? I mean we listen to ourselves, our friends and family when we feel a tug on our hearts from GOD. We heed the words of someone who does not know us when they deliver a harsh word... or glance for that matter. Isn't that the same thing?

The centurion thought that he was making the right choice. He thought that going to the expert of the ship would be the best thing to do. Just like we do when a nudging or direction that comes from GOD doesn't seem to make sense. 

Lets make a conscience effort to NOT go to the experts but turn to the Creator of the experts when He gives us an assignment to do or an itinerary of where to go. It just may save some cargo, the ship and lives in our path... including our own. 

LORD, help us to not only hear You but to ADHERE to Your Word and obey. In Jesus name. Amen!