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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Transparent Anger

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,
and give no opportunity to the devil. Ephesians 4:26-27
"The godless in heart cherish anger; they do not cry for help when he binds them.
They die in youth, and their life ends among the cult prostitutes. Job 36:13-14

Every day, thanks to the media, we see injustice acted out on blacks. A man is shot while running back away from the police, a young boy is shot while pointing a toy gun in a park, a riot happens in a city while the mayor and city officials sit by until it "gets out of hand", a young man is killed because he is walking in an apartment hallway with his girlfriend. We hear the questions that are asked. "Why?" "Where does it end?" "Where is the justice for us?" We put on new slogans, pictures and gestures to protest and bring attention to the supposed genocide of a race like, #blacklivesmatter, #handsup #notasavage #dontshoot, wearing black hoodies even in professional settings, lying down in the middle of intersections and riots. We cry out "JUSTICE" for the slain and to the law officials who have allowed these rogue humans to enter the one job where it is of utmost importance to be neutral towards race, sex and more. "To serve and protect", what happened to that mission statement of the police? When did it become about attacking before investigating and shooting to kill rather than to injure? When did we become the hunted? Let me tell you when.

I've decided to take a turn to discuss a very emotional, very heated, very volatile subject today so bear with me as I gracefully write this to shed light on both sides and share what I believe the truth is. Because this is a Christian blog and I only speak what is Truth from the Bible, it will be no different here. I welcome all comments but warn that this is not a debate, a trolling area or a place to throw insults. I respect your opinion and expect the same for anyone choosing to comment, language is ABSOLUTELY NOT permitted.

The first Scripture that was chosen is one that explains what we should be doing and how. As you can see, we ARE allowed to be angry. As Christians, we are not called to be passive, weak children of God; we just aren't supposed to throw stones and point fingers at every sin... That's for another blog. As black people, it is exactly the same. For 300 plus years, we have been carrying around a burden, an anger that is not ours. Yes, blacks were brought over under false pretenses; yes, they suffered mightily under those who were their "lords" and "masters"; yes, we have racial profiling, authorities who abuse their power, a government who would like to keep us bound and a society that views us all as animals and rogues. BUT those who have scars on their backs did so for us. They became land owners, business owners, teachers and professors, world renown and respected FOR US. And yet today, we are still screaming about some 40 acres and a mule? To listen to the voices of those who were before us, I hear the hurt, the pain, the disbelief and disappointment. They lost lives, families, spouses, children, dignity, virtue, and skin. BUT through all that loss, they gained freedom not only for themselves but for us as well. In those same voices, I hear freedom, determination, success, victory, love, and a godly fear that was passed down. But then our circumstances began to rise above their voices. Our problems began to get bigger than their warnings and the Truth they gave us. We began to despise our beginnings because they aren't "aggressive enough" and "demanding enough". We then began to listen to those who would give us whatever entitlement told us was ours. Greed stepped in and it wasn't enough, what our ancestors left us. And we forgot what they taught us through their suffering. We decided that even though Jesus in John 16:33 tells us That we WILL have strife as long as we live, that we didn't need to suffer anymore. They paid our debt and we should get back to being kings and queens like they were in Africa, Jamaica and other countries. But we never looked into their pasts to see the work they did.

That's when anger started to take a turn for the worse... It was less righteous anger that thrust us into making changes in ourselves and in society, it became about outlawing the "Man". Thus today, we have enabled, excused, vindicated and even overlooked those generations of passed down hatred, aggression and rage. We look at what other races are doing and want it. We point the finger at them when our black males are impregnating and leaving, selling and exploiting women, killing each other and whoever else is in their path, whether literally or verbally. Our black women are emasculating our black men and sons, teachings our daughters that even though we hate them, in order to get somewhere we must act like white women, turning on each other and betraying our sisters and ourselves each day. Our business owners are the ones who have higher prices and expect more from us while being crooked and looking out only for self. Our black leaders do the same while making a bad name for us.

We are a people who if we would only unite, under the Most High, would take over. Why do you think we are kept in fear of discipline our next generation, sending our sons out to play or live, our daughters to do the same, put knowledge and success in books yet keep them from the poverty stricken schools and our kids away from the wealthy ones? Because what the majority knows is IF we united, we would become a force to be reckoned with!

To the majority, I simply say that I appreciate your efforts to help. I appreciate the churches that come into the black and poverty neighborhoods to help. I leave this with you. If you TRULY want to help: 1. ask us what we need, not tell us 2. do what you say you will, not change the rules of the game 3. don't give in to the anger of which you have no personal knowledge; empathize, not sympathize 4.  you are NOT our savior but brothers and sisters sent to HELP, not save, conquer or command 5. we bleed the same. If you are not able to walk by a black person and fear not run through you, please stay away until the love of Christ is louder than your fears. Those who are enemy driven will smell that and flock to you to take advantage.

Here is my assessment. We ALL need each other, the Church DEFINITELY does not matter of what color you are. When we, the Body, get rid of black churches and white churches and Hispanic and so on and ask forgiveness of our sins... THEN will He hear from Heaven... You know the rest (II Chronicles 7:14). That's when we will be able to make an impact on the rest of the world! When we stop seeing colors and begin seeing our sins, dealing with them and pouring out love.